Russian Lip Fillers

What are Russian Lip Procedure  and why is it the newest cosmetic trend?

how Can Fillers Enhance Appearance

Improve Facial Symmetry for Facial Features

Smooth Out Creases

Plump and Enhance the Look of Lips

Diminish Vertical Lip Lines

Enhance and Restore Volume to the Cupid’s Bow

Smooth Lines Around the Nose and Mouth


What is the Russian Lip Filler Procedure and why is it the newest cosmetic trend?

Although the Russian Lip method is similar to other lip filling methods the goal is to be useful in creating a more volumized style of lip with the cupid’s bow having more attention than just a vert. ical lip filler method. Russian lips are popular with people who want lips that are visibly larger without a “duck lip” like appearance that many try to avoid.

Russian vs. Natural Filler

Natural lip filler has an effect on the horizontal expansion of the lips size and has been dubbed by some to have the “sausage effect.”  Whereas the Russian Lip Filler method forces on the cupid’s bow and focuses on the vertical enhancement.  The lip contour and size of the overall lips have a result that are to appear as natural lips with a glossed finish that many patients desire.  Natural lip fillers heart-shaped lip keeps full shape in the middle whereas Russian lip’s have a flattering effect from the side.   The Russian lips are known to require more filler sometimes to create a more contoured look.  

Procedure Details

Our goal at Botox & Beauty is to give you as comfortable and painless procedure as possible.  We strive to give you fabulous results that start with knowledge and end in results. To start we use a topical numbing anesthetic and follow in performing nerve blocks as we fill your lips.  To ensure that the heart-shaped lip has a Russian lip look we what to emphasize the cupid’s bow and focus on the emphasis of lip height in balance with total volume.  The cupid’s bow has two points that resemble a “M” toward the center of the mouth.   The lower vermillion borders, the border of the upper lip, and the philtrum are all filled without being overfilled or ill defined.  The Russian Lip is a fantastic standalone procedure that utilizes smaller amounts of filler in more areas of the lips to create a greater overall volume into the lips than to inject a greater volume and massage it spreading out.  The technique that is used for this procedure allows for more control over final results and ends up with more of a “doll-like pout” you can feel beautiful with!  

What are the drawbacks?

As there is more injection spots there is a possibility for discomfort and moderate bruising although we do our best to create the least amount of discomfort possible.

Why are Russian Lip Fillers so Popular?

With hyaluronic acid being a popular and naturally occurring meaning that it almost never results in severe allergic reactions or allergies.  Juvederm and Restylane are examples of fillers that are hyaluronic acid using.  Before using certain fillers it is important to make sure you have previous lip fillers removed around two weeks prior when applicable, our providers are happy to discuss the proper procedure options for you.  

How long does it last?

The average Russian lip filler should have effects that will last on the majority of patients for six to twelve months.  There are many factors that affect the amount of time that the fillers are metabolized.

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